Crispy chicken breast with warm spinach salad manchego cheese and spanish choizo

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Sample Dinner Menu


Soup of the evening

Goat Cheese Tart
Warm over greens with raspberry, walnuts 

Mixed Greens
Balsamic vinaigrette or blue cheese and dried cranberries

Smoked salmon in a thin potato pancake
with capers, lemon cream cheese and romaine

Prosciutto Roll
Prosciutto wrapped around a toasted aioli crouton with
tomato jam, grilled asparagus & stuffed hot pepper

Beet Salad
With red wine herbvinaigrette and an asiago cookie


Risotto of the evening

Pre fixe of the evening

Seared Salmon
Crisp vegetables and wontons with citrus and ginger

Bistro Shrimp
Sesame crusted shrimp with red curry rice
noodles and vegetables and fresh mango relish

Tofu Pad Thai
Julienne vegetables and crushed macademia nuts

Duck Breast
Pan seared and sliced with red wine-dried fruit chutney and homemade ricotta gnocchi

Angus Beef Tenderloin
Mushroom sauce,goat cheese, white truffle oil and polenta crostini

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Smoked Salmon Taco

Crab stuffed flounder with lobster sauce and baby arugula

Salmon with lemon aioli and grilled endive

Risotto with pork tenderloin

Sesame crusted shrimp with red curry rice noodles and fresh mango relish

Pork Napoleon

Tomato Salad