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Dear Evan Hansen Tickets On Sale

Are you a huge fan of musicals? If so, you have probably heard of Dear Evan Hansen, a new American musical that has captivated instantly the hearts of all viewers. Its magic lies in its powerful message, which both the old and young generations can relate to. The show prepares for a North American tour beginning in fall of 2018. Surely, you do not want to miss this opportunity to grab Dear Evan Hansen tickets and see for yourself how beautiful it is.

The show tells so much about life and how we live it. This core theme makes the show very relevant. Many scenes show the day to day struggles of living in a hyperconnected world. Evan Hansen has always struggled to fit in, and he faces different challenges when the opportunity to make his dream come true arises.

You can make a quick online search and you will see that the show has been received positively by ordinary viewers and critics alike. In fact, Dear Evan Hansen took home six Tony Awards this 2017. This includes Best Musical and Best Actor for leading actor, Ben Platt.

Ben shared in his wonderful acceptance speech how the young folks should not give in their everyday struggles. He paid particular attention to those who might be going through social anxiety, the same problem his character Evan Hansen faced in the show.

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul also received Tony Awards for Best Score. The trophy adds to their Oscar win for "La La Land."

It's amazing how this show emerged in popularity seemingly out of nowhere. It started as an off-Broadway musical. One positive feedback after another led the show to Broadway.

There's a bit of sad news, however, as Ben Platt announced recently that he would be leaving the show in November. Noah Galvin is set to take his role following his amazing performance on the hit ABC show, "The Real O'Neals."

Galvin will also leave the musical in January 2018. Taylor Trensch from "Hello, Dolly!" will replace him.

Despite these casting changes, there's still plenty to look forward to. The magnificent songwriting, impeccable direction, and knockout performances are all something to behold. And of course, there's the compelling story of Evan Hansen which leaves a mark in every viewer.

For some good news, Dear Evan Hansen Broadway tickets will be on sale all the way through September 2018. New locations are still being added for the North American tour, so tickets for these places might not be available yet. Be sure to start your search and book tickets right now before they run out.

If you're still on the fence, then take your time reading reviews of the musical. You will find a lot of fantastic feedback, which should be enough to convince you to grab tickets. The show features the perfect balance between ambiguity and sophistication, which is sure to captivate both millennials and the older generation as they continue with the everyday struggles that come with life.



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